The School’s Out edition

Even those of you not of a certain age will be familiar

with this 1970s rock anthem…..

‘School’s Out’, Alice Cooper, 1972…..! ! ! ! !

…..Alice is actually called Vincent and quite why a

boy called Vinnie preferred to be known as a girl named

Ally is one of rock’s great mysteries !

Enough of this di-G-ression

The G.-man’s essays landed at the bottom of the pigeon hole

with a plaintive thud yesterday afternoon (6pm deadline) and..

…..realising that beer-O-clock had hove into sight…..

…..and with the rallying call of ‘School’s Out, Beers In’…

… was a slick shimmy down to ‘The Parcel Yard’ in

King’s Cross

This Fullers pub is in an original parcel sorting building

within the station complex……..and completely original !

………….like stepping back in time

This is the best pub find so far this year…….check it…..

Plus you get to walk past the nitwits from all over the world

posing for photos by the sign that says ‘Platform 9 3/4′ with

half a luggage trolley sticking out of the brick wall beneath it…

…..J.K. Rowling has a lot to answer for !

A couple of pints of E.S.B. later and then it was off to the

V&A for an audience with A.A. Gill with the G.-moll…..

…..who proved to be quite a wit…..

…..a bit like an irreverent schoolboy dressed like an old

fogey but with a dirty mouth

Bless him, he was top value……

……a tad more amusing than the female (and foreign) employee

on the front door of the museum who……

……when I pointed out that a very large man wearing a miniskirt

had just walked out of the front door past her simply replied…..

…..’I only work here and I mind my own business’

With a mighty effort the Groover managed to refrain from replying..

…..’Oh fuck off !’

Of equal value was the G.-man’s Finnish mate who was paying a

flying visit yesterday……..

……During lunch at Busaba he casually mentioned that in his

personal experience female lawyers were particularly fond of sex


…..I almost dropped my chop sticks ! ! ! ! !

‘Oh yes’ he continued when he noticed my astonishment, ‘Career

women are tigers in the sack; it must be their way of releasing

pressure !’

The Groove-meister nearly choked on a prawn

Damn !

Double damn ! !

All those wasted hours in hot pursuit of barmaids and checkout


…..I should have aimed a little higher

Bugger (but not literally) !



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