The School’s Out edition

groovers offside

Even those of you not of a certain age will be familiar

with this 1970s rock anthem…..

‘School’s Out’, Alice Cooper, 1972…..! ! ! ! !

…..Alice is actually called Vincent and quite why a

boy called Vinnie preferred to be known as a girl named

Ally is one of rock’s great mysteries !

Enough of this di-G-ression

The G.-man’s essays landed at the bottom of the pigeon hole

with a plaintive thud yesterday afternoon (6pm deadline) and..

…..realising that beer-O-clock had hove into sight…..

…..and with the rallying call of ‘School’s Out, Beers In’…

… was a slick shimmy down to ‘The Parcel Yard’ in

King’s Cross

This Fullers pub is in an original parcel sorting building

within the station complex……..and completely original !

………….like stepping back in time

This is the best pub find so far this year…….check it…..

Plus you get to walk past the nitwits from all…

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