The Koi edition

groovers offside

Alternate title: The Save-a-Fox-a-Day edition

The G.-man heard on the grapevine that some fish

might be up for grabs…..

…..Now the herons have been dining like kings on my

fish since I moved into chez Groover

I started with 30 and now have about a dozen

Anyway I heard there were some fish going spare

So this evening I went round to check out the story

Sure enough my neighbour was ‘thinning’ out his pond

His pond which was technically a lake was heaving with


‘How come the herons haven’t been at them ?’ I asked

mildly curious

‘You ever seen a heron with six foot long legs ? he replied

Then it was obvious, herons hunt by standing in the water

…..and the pond was about seven feet deep !

‘Good point’, I noted

‘Anyway’, he went on, ‘I have a problem pulling these

monsters out of the…

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