The War edition

groovers offside

The Grooverino’s Sunday morning state of calm was upset

…..the usual routine of coffee, tea, Warburtons (thickest

sliced) and Frank Coopers (extra fine peel) was derailed 

Even the endorphin rush from a dawn raid was swept aside


…..this Sunday morning was definitely minus all those warm, 

fuzzy feelings I associate with the Lord’s day


…..simple really…. 

Just as the world gears up to celebrate the centenary of the

start of the Great War (1914-1918) on the 28th July…..

There are many people (with particularly small brains) advocating

military action against Russia…..

…..Why don’t they say ‘war’ because that’s what it means…..

…..and would these advocates be volunteering to carry a gun

and shoot at the ‘bad guys’ ? ? ? ? ? ?

NO ! ! ! ! !

…..because that’s why we have an army


Right, I get it  !

As always the people who want…

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