The Retro edition

groovers offside

Whoever said, ‘Never go back’, was probably right

That said, a dip into the past can be a blast…..

On Friday the Groover slipped effortlessly into the 1970s

At the Boisdale in Canary Wharf

15000 square feet of fun that was hosting…….

‘The Motown Live Review’

All part of the Robert Elms Soul Friday (BBC London 94.9)…

…and with the G.-moll riding shotgun it was off to a fully fitted

1970s night out

Our private area roped off beside the bar was dominated by an

enormous ice bucket containing half a dozen bottles of chilling

Mateus Rose !

Game on  ! ! !

This symbol of 1970s ‘high culture’ could loosen the bra clasps of

even the most buttoned-up convent girl !

Suddenly waitresses hove into view carrying trays of……..

…..cheese and pineapple sticks and hot mushroom vol-au-vents

Sophistication personified ! ! ! ! !

All I needed was…

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