The Cheese edition

groovers offside

If you are old enough and English enough…..

… may remember the slogan from the 1970s

‘Cheese please, Louise’

However, there are hidden dangers here because

there are more than one type of cheese…..

… other words…..

…..more than just the cheese you eat

Some of you will have managed artfully to swerve…..

…..the cheese associated with Valentine’s Day…..

…..that’s the 14th February to all the singletons out there !

Question ? ? ? ? ?

What is romantic about sitting in a restaurant with your moll

surrounded by dozens of other momentarily happy couples…..

Him thinking, ‘This had better be worth it !’

Her thinking, ‘I know where this is heading !’

Then, of course, you have the fawning waiter (ress)

who is visibly thinking………….

‘You poor girl !’

So take a top tip…..

Do this thing on the 13th or the 15th and spare the smaltz

and the…

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