The ‘F’ Word edition

groovers offside

It’s not going to be what you think…..

You automatically assume I am talking about the 4

letter ‘F’ word…..

When in reality I am going to bang on about the 3

letter ‘F’ word

Of course, if you were a Septic or familiar with

Septic TV and Hollywood you will probably have heard

both of them used together…..

Basically one of these is a good ‘F’ word and one is

a bad ‘F’ word

One you would want to avoid at all costs…..

…..and one you (should) want all the time !

You ought to be nearly there by now…………..

…..if not, don’t give up just yet !

Reminder ! ! ! ! !

Grooversoffside is about food, wine and diversions !

So last Saturday…..

…..acting on a tip-off

…The G.-man hove over to Miles Butchers in Beltinge

The tip had been that the county’s best pasties were to

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