The Dystopia Revealed edition

groovers offside

We all know ‘utopia’ is a pipe dream…..

…..and by the same token we were all pretty sure that

its reverse, ‘dystopia’, is an Orwellian nightmare



Two very simple examples will illustrate this…..

Firstly, the G.-man’s moll had a leak yesterday…..

Well, several actually but it was the one that left a brown

water mark on the kitchen ceiling that alarmed her…..

…..her shower is directly above !

So it was straight onto ‘First Direct’, her insurers, this morning

Her policy has a ‘Home Emergency Cover’ section……covers

plumbing, drains and electrical etc up to £500

Nice !

The First Direct operative was friendly and reassuring…..

… first !

Yes, you are covered, he exclaimed

The G.-moll breathed a sigh of relief

Do you have another bathroom in the house ? he enquired

Yes, she replied


Then I am sorry to tell you that you are…

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