The Crash-a-nauts edition

An intriguing title indeed !

Back in the day…..

When the world still generally thought America was a great

nation, full of integrity, bursting with honesty and…..

A computer the size of a house had less power than the

iphone that millions of us own and hold in one hand…..

The USA landed a man on the moon

The year was 1969

Nearly 50 years later the Chinese plan (hope) to repeat 

the trick

However as many believe the Chinese may be the first 

nation to put a man on the moon…..

… their case it won’t have been a trick ! ! !

Anyway cosmonauts go into space…..

…..and crash-a-nauts go to other people’s parties

Last night the G.-man and his moll went to a private

view at Bonhams…..

…..the occasion was a book launch about corporate

art collections

There was an accompanying exhibition of art from 

corporate art collections………….

…..and a corresponding assortment of stiffs in suits !

These were the particular suits told to ‘fly the flag’

and to put in an appearance for the company…..

…..and like the good company drudges that they were

…..they pitched up, milled around, listened to the speeches

…..and fled ! ! !

More fool them  ! ! !

Because Bonhams put on ‘bon temps’ if you like to drink

and eat…..

…..the G-man’s second and third favourite pastimes !

The primary drink was Pol Roger champagne…..check 1

The food was canapes, the best EVER…..check  2

The G.-man couldn’t get enough of these (23 in total)

A new personal record ! ! !

Firstly they were bite sized…..

…..that is, small enough to be placed in the G.-hole whole

Secondly they were not greasy…..

… need for a napkin to clean your digits and oral parts

Thirdly they were DELICIOUS…..

…..smoked salmon and dill crostini

… lamb maki rolls

… quail eggs coated in parmigiano

…..etc etc etc

Plans for dinner were jettisoned…..

…..and a Bonhams feeding frenzy ensued

Heaven !

For the crash-a-nauts who managed to blag their way in

last night this was nirvana itself

…..and to cap it all off Bonhams staff handed out Bonhams goody

bags as you left…..


…..a Bonhams pen and a few Bonhams leaflets !

Well you can’t have everything

In every other sense it was a perfect 10

A fat (14st even), happy and well fed and watered Groover






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