The Good, The Bad And The Ugly edition

groovers offside

You know the saying,

‘When it’s good it’s good, but when it’s bad it’s really bad’

Herewith enclosed is one of the finest examples of this well

known phrase or saying…..

Let’s begin with the good…..

‘The Ramblers Rest’, Mill Place, Chislehurst, Kent

Well, it should be good…..

…..They have had plenty of practice, it stirred into life

around 1684

Anyway, you won’t find any cobwebs here…..

It’s charming during the week…..

It’s manic at the weekend !

There are proper English ales…..

Check out the Caledonian Golden X.P.A.

This is absolutely the mutts nuts…..

…..Hoppy, strong (4.3%) and the product of three hundred

years of evolution (north of the border)

On Sunday the menu switches to Thai…..

…..The real deal Thai ! ! ! ! !

The chef is Thai (the Ramblers as it’s affectionally known

doesn’t cut corners !) and the food is great and cheap


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