The Mouse That Roared edition

Whoever said ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick’ ?

The truth is nobody knows

But the American president Teddy Roosevelt made it famous

Teddy almost built a mythology around the saying by claiming that

its origins lay in a West African proverb

In reality it was the perfect evocation of American foreign policy

That is, negotiate with a bloody big military machine to back you up

So when the G.-man decided to take on Canterbury County Council

and the council asked the age-old question…..

‘Yeah, you and whose army?’

The Groover looked them straight in the eye and quietly said…..

‘No army, mate, I am going to use G.-force’

Well they laughed, but he who laughs last laughs loudest !

And whose laughing now ? ! ! ! ! !

The Groover, lui-meme

Let me explain………………………………..

I have just been given an early christmas present

It arrived this morning in the post

The Government appointed solicitor who was to judge the council’s

case against me has written to say the council have dropped their


£50 parking fine cancelled

Nothing to pay



Not the G.-man that’s wrong but the council

The council clearly thought they would lose the case so they


The council wanted to avoid setting a legal precedent

However in withdrawing they have set a moral precedent

They were wrong, they were harvesting cash from innocent


And now they are going to PAY

They are going to have to pay back the 1000s, perhaps tens of

1000s of motorists who have been fleeced by this car park ruse

in Whitstable

How do I know ? I hear you ask

Because the Whitstable Times are going to run this story on their

front page and urge everyone to demand their fines back from the


They have my file

They have the council’s 40…..

Yes, 40 page case against me

They still LOST

So the mouse roared

The man-in-the-street doesn’t need to feel powerless in the face

of institutional misappropriation of one’s personal funds

And with that I wish you all ‘jingle bells’

Love, kisses etc


p.s. I almost forgot…..and goodwill to all men (except county councils this year)


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