The Concorde Flies Again edition

Alternate Title: The Groover gets back in the groove

Last night was a music fest

Down the A23 to Brighton for a master-blaster class with the best

blue-eyed soul boy on this side of the Atlantic

Step up to the mike James Hunter

This cat has all the moves

Totally unfazed by the largely geriatric audience the wailer

from Essex belted out his big hits…..

…..obviously that is a relative term !

Curiously the one song the audience craved…..

The one song the crowd called out for…..

…..was a sweet little number called ‘Carina’

Said song was duly delivered and then the crowd called

out for more……….

Now this is a great song with a lilting melody but again !

Then I noticed that the folk shouting out ‘Carina’ were all men

Then I remembered I was in Brighton  ! ! !

Oh well

James rocked the place….

He did all those Chuck Berry style duck-walks

He did the splits

He did this cossack thing

He had it all going on

Not bad for a 51 year old with more bad habits than an abandoned


For my money his throaty voice is better than old Rod’s

The title of this post refers to the venue…..

The Concorde 2 is a Victorian building in the lee of the cliffs facing

the sea

It’s not very big and that makes it very intimate

The G.-man and his moll pitched up and grabbed a couple

of the pound seats right in front of the stage…..

And then the fun ensued

‘Carina’ did get the loudest cheer of the night

‘Minute by minute’ was absolutely brilliant

Then when the curtain was lowered on another fun-filled excursion

Giuletta whooshed home…..

…..and when the lights went out the G.-man dreamed about Carina

Bless him



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