The Pop-Up Cinema edition

Alternate title: The Groover goes Gothic

So here’s the deal……………………………

It was a damp, cold autumnal Sunday afternoon

There were two choices beckoning

Pull on the cardigan, crack out the slippers and slide into the


OR   ! ! !

Put the key into Giulietta’s ignition and head off to Heaven…..

…..not literally

Last night The Bleangate Brewery transformed itself into a

POP-UP cinema

Goody Ales got vamped !

It was all part of the B.F.I. Gothic film festival…..

‘GOTHIC…..The Dark Heart of Film’

Chairs and tables were set out, rugs thrown down…..

…..candles were lit

The main event was the first ever screening of the first ever…..

Hammer Horror !

‘The Horror of Dracula’

…in sleepy Herne

Classic vintage, 1958 !

All the usual suspects were there…..

Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee (Dracula), the pneumatic maidens

wearing chiffon

It was only later that said maidens were systematically disrobed to

expose their bouncing puppies…..

… a desperate attempt by Hammer to broaden the appeal of the


The real star of the show was James Bernard

Never heard of him ?

An unsung hero ?

Let me help you out then…..

…..he did the music

…..he was responsible for the dramatic moments being


…..basically he could make opening a bottle of milk terrifying !

The good folk from Goodys provided hot sausage rolls…..

… garlic bread (anti-vampire fodder)

…..and cold pork pies

And let’s not forget the beer

‘Good Life’…..3.9%, a fresh tasting pale ale

‘Good Lord’…..5.0%, a dark, rich porter……………

……..Oh, and apparently more effective than a crucifix at repelling


Well, we were all suitably scared and charmed by a very unusual

night out

Then we all slunk back to our coffins before sunup !


p.s. Check out the Goodys website for more alternative days / nights out


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