The Roman Holiday edition

groovers offside

Alternate Title: What the hell has happened to Big Joe?, Part 8

‘Eccoci qua’

‘Here we are’

Where Audrey went, so the G.-man follows…..

…..after a decent interval

Not much has changed, the Colosseum is still there…..

…..but the prices have gone sky high and anything iconic

or famed has become a veritable cash cow

The Groover has been milked !

So the saying goes, ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do’

And yesterday (All Saints Day) evening I cruised into…..

‘Al Leoncino’ for some Roman pizza

There are lots of pizzerias in Rome so how do you know

which one to choose ?

Good question

The right answer is to get yourself a cicerone…..

…..or failing that follow the G.-man

Al Leoncino doesn’t have a name technically since Leoncino

is simply the name of the street

Al Leoncino doesn’t even have a sign outside, the owners have


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