The Looking For Big Joe edition, Part 6

Alternate title: Marged Again

Margie has had a facelift

Even Mary Portas had a go at the highstreet…..

…..she failed but that’s par for the course !

The Turner Contemporary marked a ‘turning point’

Margate is slowly reclaiming her old glory…..

…..she has it all going on

The Winter Gardens

The Theatre Royal

The Walpole Bay Hotel

A beautiful sandy beach with a huge tidal pool…..

…..although rather worryingly there is a sign in the middle

that is essentially a length of scaffolding buried in the sand…..

…..a handful of signs point in different directions…..

… to the lifeguard’s hut

… to the beach inspector’s hut

…..and one to the toilets that seems to point straight at

the tidal pool ! ! ! ! !

Incredibly you can still buy saucy postcards at a place called

‘Kiss Me Quick’

There are still more bingo halls and amusement arcades than

virgins in a nunnery but life isn’t perfect…..

…..the star turn is the revival of the historic old town…..

…..full of retro shops, cool restaurants, coffee shops, galleries

and colourful characters !

More colourful than most is the owner and died-in-the-wool

eccentric who runs the ‘The Mad Hatter Tea Garden’

It’s christmas all year round in this tinsel-filled corner house

The owner wears only yellow, his tea shop is yellow and his

home is yellow too and he won international fame last year by

running in front of the olympic flame carrier when it came through

Margate……..err…… his yellow track suit !

Oh and he always wears a top hat like the Lewis Carroll character

The old town is full of galleries like ‘The Pie Factory’ which contains

three galleries, a cafe and a pop-up shop

There is even a shop specialising in 1960s and 1970s Danish homeware

Cool restaurants are everywhere and some have spectacular views like

Morgan’s Vintage Dance Hall and Coffee Lounge……..

… look right across the length of Margate’s sandy beach

The G.-man ate in the harbour arm that arcs out into the sea

and provides a becalmed basin for boats……

… a great little place called ‘BeBeached’

It’s one of these places with a small menu on which

everything is cooked fresh (so it takes time) and all the

ingredients are sourced locally and the suppliers are all

printed on the back of the menu to prove it

The views back to the town across the harbour are wonderful

The regeneration of Margate continues apace with plans to

build a boutique hotel next to the Turner and to renovate the

art deco marvel that is called ‘Dreamlands’ on the seafront

In vernacular speak ‘Margie gets it’

…..for something

…..for anything

…..and then buy the T-shirt to celebrate the event from

‘Kiss Me Quick’……..for a few squidlies you can get one

that reads ‘For a dirty weekend come to Margate’

Well why not (even if it is a Tracey E. invention)

With a bit of luck Margie won’t need Tracey when the

makeover is over and Tracey can be banished to Hoxton



ps, Nearly forgot, I think I saw Big Joe at a bus stop, I can’t

be certain but at least we know he might have green credentials


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