The Looking For Big Joe edition, Part 5

Alternate title: ‘Wherever you go, there you are’

The alternate title is a well known Brazilian expression

that basically means ‘live for the moment’…..

…..which is exactly what millions of Brazilians do at Rio’s

carnival every year

…..and probably what the England football team should do

right now

Well done, boys !

You beat Montenegro 4-1 !

But it’s worthwhile remembering that this is a country not

much bigger than a postage stamp…..

…..and with a population the size of one of London’s suburbs

In fact, saying that one plays for the Montenegro national team

is the equivalent of saying you play for your street in Liverpool !

Good luck with the next stage of qualifying for a chance to do the

samba in Brazil…..

…..why not just give the ball to Andros Townsend…..

…..he seems to want to score goals

And goals win games !

Either way, enjoy the moment, it may prove to be fleeting

Back to the search for Big Joe……..

The morning pant was different this am…….

Colder, for sure

But after yesterday’s storms the promenade was buried under


…..and running on shingle is like running on cobblestones

Difficult !

As I passed by the National Coastwatch Station it did produce

a wry G.- smile……

These fellas are like failed voyeurs…..

Even birdwatching has a point to it !

But the volunteer (all training provided free !) ‘spotters’

just stare out to sea and hope something goes wrong so

they can tell somebody else to try and fix the problem

At least a lifeguard throws him (her) self in the sea to save

the person in distress

At least a lifeboat puts to sea to assist a stricken vessel

At least a twitcher can file an online report of his feathered

friends so others can come and enjoy them too

No, the tea-drinking habitue of the N.C.I. is little more than 

schadenfreude-loving pensioner with a penchant for radios !

I don’t mind them really…..

…..because I know they are looking out for Big Joe…..

…..he swims in the sea roughly opposite the elevated N.C.I.


…..and this is Hernia Bay…..

…..they don’t do lifeguards here

Back to food, music and love

The Groover takes delivery today of a Mrs Wiggins pork pie 

as supplied by The Butchers Arms…..

… of these monster pies will sustain the G.-man for a

week in the lunch department accompanied by a jar of 


Said pies are the acme of the pie world !

Said pies are only available on order through certain

establishments like The Butchers and by invitation only

Be lucky !

I’m off to see Mrs Wiggins (not her real name for legal reasons)

to get mine

Love it  ! ! ! ! !


ps, Music ? Well that will be James Hunter next month, the

coolest blue-eyed soul boy this side of the atlantic



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