The Looking For Big Joe edition, Part 4

Alternate Title: The Banned For Being Boring edition

Still no sign of Big Joe…..

Still optimistic……………..(the old stockbroker in the G.-man)

Now the casa Groover is in Herne on the Costa del Kent………

Famous for being the birthplace of Nigel Farage, the 

home of the world’s first micropub and the birthplace

of a great little microbrewery

So much in such a little place !

The brewery got well and truly grooved today…..

Situated down a country lane in a field, the Bleangate

Brewery is where Goody Ales are born…….

…..the sign at the entrance reads ‘This way to Heaven’

…..very apposite !

And this being the 21st century the master brewer is actually

a mistress brewer……

…..the technical term is a ‘brewerette’

Karen Goody saw the light in 2008 and together

with her henchman, Peter, she has been producing amusing-

sounding English ales all (bar the first) incorporating the word


The G.-favourite is ‘Good Heavens’

But at Yuletide you can imbibe ‘Good King Wenceslas’

At Easter you can enjoy ‘Good Friday’

In the summer you can knock back ‘Good Innings’ (it’s a

cricket thing !)

In the autumn ‘Good Harvest’ is available

The all-year-round varieties fill in the gaps between the

seasonal ‘goodies’

Like ‘Good Health’ and ‘Good Sheppard’ and the very first

beer produced called ‘Genesis’ which is a porter-style little


The brewery is technically a very large shed but that is where

the magic happens

Karen and Peter scoot around in matching white wellies looking

like biological scientists from a sci-fi movie

There was a wonderful smell of burning wood coming from a large

black furnace just outside the brew-barn……….

…..the beginning of a ‘good(y) brew’

Curiously Goody Ales are not served (much) in the micropub

called The Butchers Arms in the village of Herne

A mystery all round………

But this is an establishment where a sign on the outside of the

pub reads…………

‘Chatham House Rule Applied’

Confused ?

I was !

It’s an historical thing that essentially means you can repeat

anything you hear inside the pub as long as you don’t name 

names or affiliations or indeed anyone present at the time

Very handy…..

You can tell it like it is or even fable-it-up with impunity

The other curiosity in said pub is a large blackboard that 

is headed ‘Banned Board’

Today beneath the title it read…..

‘Nigel, 4 weeks’

After a little preamble the Groover elicited Nigel’s ‘faux pas’

‘Easy’ was the landlord’s answer, ‘He was boring’

This is actually a place where being boring is a sin

The explanation is simple………………

Micropubs are small places where only English ale is 

served and the whole point is the pub is a forum, an open 

place where everyone has the right to be heard………

…..just don’t be BORING ! ! !

Which brings me to the landlord’s own personal motto which

goes by the acronym…..


This stands for ‘no fu*king lager’

So if you were boring by nature and a lager drinker by 


… would probably be taken outside and shot !

Cheers !


Goody Ales are going to withdraw the ‘Good Health’ variety of

their beers because a government department believes it is making

a false claim……………………

…..Errrr………..isn’t  ‘Good Health’ another way of saying ‘Cheers’



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