The Looking For Big Joe edition, Part 3

Alternate title: Margate gets Grooved

Well it needed something so Giulietta and the G.-man

hove over there

The primary reason was to go to the ‘Turner and Constable:

Sketching from Nature’ exhibition that opened today…..

…..sad to say it was a collection of mean little sketches that

don’t deserve to be let out of the storage repository

However the sculptures by Juan Munoz called ‘Conversation

Piece III’ that have been placed in the entrance hall are a

wonder…..worth going just for that !

The exhibition of works by Dorothy Cross was also interesting

And it was free so ‘thumbs up friend’ (The Inbetweeners, 2008-2010)

So that was the culture out of the way…..

… for the rest !

Margate has been a popular seaside town for the past 250


It feels very Victorian, Londoners loved to skittle down to Margie

for a bit of fun

In the 1960s it was the destination of choice for mods to battle


In the 1970s it was the destination of choice for mods to

battle skinheads…..

In addition it had England’s oldest roller coaster and seaside


So things were going great until…………………………………………


…..when Tracey Emin pitched up

Margie has been in decline ever since

The Turner Contemporary is part of England’s brave attempt

to reverse the Tracey E. effect

I can assure you there is hardly a mod in sight !

But to my great surprise there was a very large group of

folk who looked like they had just walked off a movie set

for a film based in the 1940s…….

…..all milling around, eating and drinking in the historic old

town section of Margie

This was too much for the G.-man to resist !

… like flint ! ! !

‘So are you a 1940s club or what ?’ he posed to a lady looking

like Lana Turner’s ugly sister

The explanation was simple…….

They were all staying at the Victorian Walpole Bay Hotel

for the ‘Walpole Bay 1940s Swing Weekend’ which featured

the Cinque Ports Lindy hoppers

Whoa !

I need to get out more ! !

I definitely coveted the fat baker boys some of the men

were wearing

Next stop: The Margate Shell Grotto (Grade 1 listed)

This chalk cave, shell encrusted marvel is in the centre of town

and nobody knows who built it or why…..

…..nobody understands the symbolism or the narrative…..

…..except I have to agree that one panel looked just like a massive

phallus !

Look, it is impossible to describe

Seeing is believing

YOU need to go and see this for yourselves

The conclusion: Margie rocks (a bit) without the need

for rockers



ps, Day 3 and I haven’t made contact with Joe yet but I

know he’s here so ‘Hold on, I’m Comin’ (Joe), Sam & Dave, 1966


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