The Looking For Big Joe edition, Part 2

Alternate title: Herne Bay, Motobility Scooter Town

Detroit can ‘read it and weep’

Hernie has 35000 Hernites…

…and 6000 registered motobility scooters

Of course, there are some folk with more than one…

…as in your everyday one…

…and your one for best !

For church on Sunday ?

For dates ?

Probably just a spare so you can always be on the move

Anyway, day 2 and no sign of Big Joe

No worries, he will show up

Eventually !

There has been a little muttering regarding the G.-man’s

‘homoerotic near miss’…..

…..along the lines of Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act III, Scene II…

…’methinks, he doth protest too much’

Look, it was back in 1976 and it lasted approximately

8 nanoseconds

Let me help you with the arithmetic………

…..that is 8 billionths of a second

Some rainbow warriors would claim they all count…..

….well, ‘Good night, and good luck’, 2005

I digress…..

The Groover decided to try and insinuate himself into Hernie

life today…..

…..a stroll down to the promenade and thirty minutes sat

watching the sun set with a takeaway from the LEGENDARY…

‘Shakey Shakey Traditional Fish and Chips’

Regular chips and curry sauce


Well, perhaps not

Even the seagulls couldn’t be bothered to pester me

But this establishment is hugely popular as attested by the

string of mobility scooters lined up outside

The G.-man would struggle to pass himself off as a local…..

… tattoos !

…..and at 6ft 1 and 14 stone I would look like I was suffering

from anorexia to the average Hernite !

Back to moby-scooters…..

They come with lights and indicators for night time forays to…..

…..probably the ‘offy’ or the take away

There are 23 chippies, 14 Chinese, 11 Indians and 6 kebab joints

Oh, and 9 offys

…..and that’s just in the centre of town

The moby-scooters come with sound systems so the driver can tear

down the pavement with ‘Wild Thing’, The Troggs, 1966, blasting

out of the speakers

It’s a simple fact of life that ‘hells moby-scooter angels’

represent a larger risk to life and limb and your general

well being than a British coalition government !



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