The Looking For Big Joe edition

groovers offside

(Part 1)

A very cool cat who read the last post asked why I

didn’t get Big Joe’s number so we could become pals

The answer is simple…..

…’s weird enough asking a man if he’s Reggie Perrin

…’s a weird too far to ask him for his tel. no. when

he’s stripped down to his speedos !

I rest my case ! !

Our paths will cross again, for sure ! ! !

Segueing away from homoerotic near misses…..

Let’s get back to food and alcohol and all of those

other of life’s essentials…..

The perfect decadent night in ? ? ?

A good question…..

…..and this is the G.-man’s attempt at answering it…..

A bottle of red wine (a 2006 Brunello di Montalcino by Fanti

should do the trick), a large piece of cheese (Sussex), a DVD

and last but not least a co-conspirator with which to do it…..

The venue ?

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