The Old Boys edition

groovers offside

This morning I took the constitutional pant down to

the sea

The Groover puffs along the shore to the lifeboat station and

stops at a set of stairs down to the beach, catches his

breath and then heads back

So far, so simple…..

Except this morning there was a man getting undressed

at the stairs…..

…..into his swimming togs

As a creature of habit the G.-man didn’t want to break the


…..but going up to a man taking his kit off definitely qualified

as a bit weird

‘Is your name Reginald Perrin?’ I asked

‘No, I’m Joe’, he drawled

A Texan in Hernia Bay !

This was going from weird to surreal ! !

Then he stuck out a big paw and proceeded to crush

the G.-mitt

They say everything in Texas is big…..

Big Joe was certainly that

Feeling like a little social intercourse I tried…

‘Cowboys or…

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