The Minnis Bay Mariners edition

It may be September 26th and so technically autumn…

…but try telling that to the weather gods

Today the G.-man’s thermometer registered 20c (in the shade)

…and the temperature in the naked glare of il sole was way 

above that

So with Giulietta asking for a little exercise we shot off to

the sandy stretches of Minnis Bay (Costa del Kent)


There was just one family group on the entire beach !

and the tea shop was closed for the season

But I spotted the beach huts at one end and headed in that


…then I noticed one hut was open and a colourful display of 

wares was on offer…

…I was in like flint ! ! !

I basically had five options at that moment…..

…walk on the sand

…look at the sea

…stare at the family group

…study the door of the closed tea shop

…or go shopping

I chose the latter

As I walked through the entrance to this aladdin’s cave of

seaside memorabilia I politely said ‘Hello’ over my shoulder

to the proprietor who was sipping a coffee and basking in 

the sun outside

Said proprietor lurched to her feet and followed me in…..

‘Excuse me’ she said ‘This is my beach hut’

AH !

The penny dropped

‘It’s not a shop then ?’ I volunteered

‘No, it’s my waterside des res and you’re in it’

Two paces and I was outside again

Once out the tension was diffused and Penny (her name)

and the Groover became friends

It turned out her ambition is to win the ‘Beach hut of the Year’


I think she stands a very good chance, her place was wonderful

…model beach huts

…beach mugs


…swimming gear

Every inch of every wall was covered with maritime flavoured kit

Then her neighbour turned up and she revealed that the Birchington

swimming club had the adjacent beach hut

The aquatic neighbour was both retired and built like a No.8 rugby


‘You look like a swimmer’ the G.-man joked

‘What does a swimmer look like?’ he shot back a tad seriously

‘Like you’ I answered and that seemed to settle the matter !

Then Penny announced she was going in and the merry bunch

made their way  down to the murky brown waters

‘Have a great swim’ I shouted over to them

‘Fat chance, it’s bloody freezing’ came the reply

Bless them

You have to admire their spirit…..

…..the desire to stay fit and healthy

But I for one can think of some more interesting ways of

achieving the same end

At least both our respective choices are free (mostly)




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