The High Brow edition

The Groover got culture this evening…

…and culture got the G.-man !

Lured by the prospect of ‘Songs from the South’…..

… Italian !

I pulled on a corduroy jacket (not) and ventured out…

The venue was St Gregory’s Centre for Music located in an

old grade 2 listed church of the same name in Canterbury that

was built in 1851, then renovated and turned into a first class

music hall less than a year ago

First hurdle: the entry fee…..

Claiming immunity from the full £15 entry as a student I proffered

my student card…..

I was referred to the nutty professor Grenville who said I looked like

I was more than 25 years old…..


‘Hold on’, he said, ‘Can’t you just pretend you were born in 1985?’

‘Done!’ I replied without adding that that would make me 28……..

……..I guess that’s why he is a professor of music and not maths !

In for free !

Woo hooooo ! ! ! ! !

Rather worryingly it soon became apparent that at the tender age

of 57 (Heinz !) I was about the youngest person there

Anyway at the appointed hour the performers took the stage……

The mezzo-soprano, Clara Mouriz, and the ivory-tickler,

Simon Lepper

She, a vision of Spanish womanhood; he, well, he was English

So off they went, the singing version of Penelope Cruz and the

crusty English accompanist

The Italian song book was composed by the Austrian composers,

Marx and Wolf………..

……………very strange

Then the concert moved onto Portuguese and Spanish composers…

It just got better and better !

This is opera without the stage set and with only one actor

But it was a wonderful, moving experience

There was an interval in the middle which permitted the nutty

professor Grenville more opportunities to demonstrate his skills….

At the end of the break he dimmed the lights, made a short speech

about the artists and then encouraged us to clap………..

………Nothing happened !

Then he realised he had forgotten to tell the performers to come out

Derrrrr !

The second half was truly special, the composers were De Falla,

Granados and Turina

The encore was by Granados again (a song called ‘Shy Boy’)

All pretty irrelevant because everything was sung in German,

Portuguese and Spanish

The G.-man was particularly impressed that at the interval the

entire audience minus himself formed an enormous queue for

refreshments that they weren’t allowed to buy (no licence) but

were encouraged to make a charitable donation for instead (the

nutty professor Grenville again)

Except the wine on offer came out of cartons with little taps

and was called Chenet (red) and Hock (white and

room temperature)

You could not have paid me to drink that sh*t…………

…………it was the 1970s all over again…..

…………it was Abigail’s Party (1977)

The Groover loved the 1970s………..

………he came of age

………he learnt how to . . . . .no, wrong blog

Anyway, they were great…….

They gave us NORTHERN SOUL ! ! ! ! !

All except though for the wine in cartons and beer in big party


…..Remember Watneys Red Barrel ?



ps, there was absolutely nothing ‘mezzo’ about Clara M. ! ! ! ! !


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