The Caffe edition

Caffe is the Italian word for coffee…

…and the Italians really get coffee

…they didn’t invent it, they just know what to do with it !

The Americans on the other hand have fatally wounded

themselves because they believe bigger is better…

…which is why they no longer have a car industry !

The average Joe would consume anything that was brown

and wet as long as you called it coffee…

…and curiously they called it Joe (it’s actually a disparaging

word for the drink because it was once forcibly substituted

for alcohol)

Then Starbucks (and others) decided to persuade the Americans

that drinking industrially sized quantities of biblically overpriced

coffee (and its variants) was a hip thing to do

Well they achieved one thing…..

…..and this is absolutely to their credit…..

…they gave the Americans and the British a cafe culture…

…somewhere to meet, talk, date, woo and even do business

Thank you !

Unfortunately they also gave us bad coffee

While we are busy thanking folk let’s thank Yemen for inventing

it in the 15th century in the Sufi shrines…

…and let’s thank the Italians for giving us the name because coffee

is derived etymologically from caffe…..

…..and this has allowed me to segue straight back to Paradiso…..

In the main square in Bassangeles the baristas practice ‘coffee art’

at the Bar Leon…..

…creating designs in the foam on the cappuccinos from a kind of

liquid chocolate

…..which is all well and fine while they stick to flower motifs and

names (this works as long as your name is short)

They tried, and failed, to fit ‘The Groover’ onto my morning

cappuccio…..but they succeeded with ‘G.-man’ ! ! ! ! !

Anyway for one happy (male) sipper this led to some confusing


…names and flower motifs were exchanged for ‘hearts’…


…this went on for a while until one fine morning the cappuccio

arrived with a single and short word………….

………..F U * K     ! ! ! ! !

…and the baristas here are young and female ! ! !

Confusion reigned supreme !

Was it a command ?

Was it a wish ?

Was it a suggestion ?

……and would it be worth it ?

In reality it was just a bit of fun…..

…..and the sexy barista was practicing her English

Well we can all dream…..

…..but hopes, dreams or otherwise the best coffee in

the world is in Italy and the best coffee in Bassangeles

comes from the house of Leon



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