The Bassangeles edition

groovers offside

Bassangeles is how Bassano del Grappa is commonly

referred to by its inhabitants and outsiders alike…..

…..and it references its pretensions to be sophisticated,

cultured, chic and powerful like Los Angeles

Of course Bassano is a minnow comparatively and hence 

the sobriquet is used as much in mockery as it is in deference

But Bassangeles does have it all going on, to coin a phrase

The town sits in the middle of the Veneto in northeastern Italy

This part of the world is regarded as the wealthiest area on the


…..and most of the wealth is concentrated in private companies

I should add that a measurable part of the reason that so much has

been amassed so quickly (in two generations since the WW2) can 

be attributed to the skill and devotion than the Italians dedicate to 

avoiding (and evading) tax

That should more accurately be written ‘evading (and…

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