The When Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction edition

groovers offside

Today I made a rather useful discovery

The local cooperative winery, Beato Bartolomeo…


…makes this great red wine called ‘Terra Crua’

It’s light, delicious and only 10% alcohol

Why is this useful ?

Well obviously if you want to do something in the afternoon 

after lunch apart from going comatose this is the fella…

…You can enjoy ‘il pranzo’, imbibe a glass or two and still be

compos mentis


So a trip to the wine bank (see website) seemed in order

…with Il Capitano in the driving seat

But first…..

Il Capo wanted me to see the real thing…..


Welcome to the world of Firmino Miotti


It actually doesn’t get any better than this…..

A wine business that’s been in the same family for centuries

Passed down from father to son to son to son and so on until now…

…when the…

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