The When Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction edition

Today I made a rather useful discovery

The local cooperative winery, Beato Bartolomeo…


…makes this great red wine called ‘Terra Crua’

It’s light, delicious and only 10% alcohol

Why is this useful ?

Well obviously if you want to do something in the afternoon 

after lunch apart from going comatose this is the fella…

…You can enjoy ‘il pranzo’, imbibe a glass or two and still be

compos mentis


So a trip to the wine bank (see website) seemed in order

…with Il Capitano in the driving seat

But first…..

Il Capo wanted me to see the real thing…..


Welcome to the world of Firmino Miotti


It actually doesn’t get any better than this…..

A wine business that’s been in the same family for centuries

Passed down from father to son to son to son and so on until now…

…when the business will pass on to the daughter

It’s the 21st century…..

…..and the Italians are on board ! 

This cantina (winery) sits on top of a hill looking out across the

plain to Venice on what was the original settlement of the town

of Breganze

The farm is over 500 years old in parts, the true genesis of Breganze

The view is breath-taking

Firmino and daughter produce eleven different wines that include


This is a light, sparkling white wine, best decanted and ideal

when drunk as an aperitivo or with primo piatti

These grapes are so rare you will probably never get them anywhere

else in the world; the pedevenda grapes are an autochthonous varietal

Don’t ask me, I just read that bit myself !

Also worthy of mention is the famed GROPPELLO…

Apparently girls (and women) clear off when the men start

to drink this ruby red nectar…..

… can probably guess why, the name comes from the 

dialect verb ‘ingropare’ ! ! !

So back to the title of this post…..

…..Why is truth stranger than fiction ? ? ? 

Well as Firmino guided the captain and the G.-man round

the old winery there were these extraordinary posters round

the place (fading and curling at the edges a bit) of this ‘Marlboro’

man in a check shirt

This hunky outdoorsman was advertising a now defunct brand of

Italian menswear

And yes, it was Firmino himself forty years ago when he was a star

male model ! ! ! ! !

Of course he only did this in his spare time and he never let it 

interfere with the serious business of the wine production

But his rugged good looks had been noticed by some admen types

and for a decade or so Firmino was a bone fide poster boy

The captain told me that he passed part of his misspent youth with Firmino

on the farm…..

…..probably going there once a week to…..



…and tell lies !

Sounds a bit like the Groover’s youth

I seem to recall claiming intimacy with at least two girls

when I hadn’t actually even French-kissed anyone…..

…..I wasn’t even sure what French-kissing was !

So it would appear to be a universal truth

And as someone once said…..

‘Put the devil in your mouth and you lose your brains’

…..and start lying

Cin Cin




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