The Going Local edition

This could also be called the ‘going native’ edition

Have you ever wondered how the locals can afford

to sit at bars when you are on holiday and a beer costs


I have

We all have

And the answer ? ? ?

Well it’s simple really, there are two scales

The tourist’s rate…..

And the local’s rate…..

And how do I know this ? ? ? ? ?

Because El Groover has made the breakthrough !

It happened at ‘Caffe Verdi’

The G.-man likes to stop there at the end of his evening

passeggiata and imbibe a ‘birra media’

To you that’s a pint of Veldenstiener

Nectar in a glass !  !  !

I was settling up a little while ago when ‘Il Padrone’

pulled me aside and told me he was putting me on 

the local’s rate

BREAKTHROUGH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I have been drinking there for 11 years

A quick back of a cigarette packet calculation would 

mean I have consumed 1200 pints there

1200  ! ! ! ! !

… lets say an average of 4 euros a pint

That makes an investment of 4800 euros



I’m on the insider’s price scale



I suppose I should increase my consumption in order

to maximise my return

ERR, perhaps not

Anyway, that neatly explains that little mystery

Now for the Bermuda Triangle !

On this theme of going local………

… favourite grocery store is ‘Le Quattro Stagioni’

This means ‘the four seasons’ in English……

But what I like about it is they have a special section promoting


In other words locally grown produce…..

… opposed to stuff flown half way round the world

that you buy in Sainsburys

The G.-man only buys local…..

…..he has a heart of green

…..and Rosaria (a cute local) always slips something

in his shopping bag gratis at said establishment……….

Tonight it was an onion  !

It’s the thought !

Any way, onion or otherwise you only get this when you



You can call me Grooverino from now on 




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